Cowboy Crosby’s 3rd Birthday

Crosby turned three and wanted a cowboy party! The party was hands down the best we have ever thrown. So much fun, playfulness and creativity!


We created an entire western town in our drought ridden back yard. We had a saloon, bank, jail, wanted poster and hobby horses!


The town was made out of cardboard boxes.


We got hay bails, threw over some blankets for extra seating. A fake fire with tissue paper helped finish the look.


I painted the Fort Crosby sign on scrap cardboard. It turned out so great!


Each kid got a cowboy hat and bandana along with a hobby horse!


The hobby horses I google searched and found lots of options on how to make them. My husband and I made a dozen in two nights. It was incredibly easy, fast and cheap.


We made cake, cupcakes and homemade icing. Oooh sooo good!


He was a happy boy!


I said “Look like your in jail.” This was priceless!

IMG_7881 IMG_7886


This was easily the best kids party we have thrown.

For the privacy of our friends kids I have not shared their photos… that much. 😉


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