1st Birthday – Mission: Crosby

It was my son’s first birthday.  We got this amazing rocket ship and our theme was set.  I mean, it’s 9 feet tall, we had to have a ROCKET THEME PARTY!  I painted on it and we were off!  I wish I had taken pictures before people came, but alas I did not. So the food is half empty and the place is a mess, but you get the idea.  It was a blast.  Get it, a blast!

My husband and my son, next to our giant rocket ship.  My husband hung black table clothes and cut out white stars to create a fun backdrop.


My husband, mom and I baked cupcakes and made fresh frosting the night before.  These turned out delicious and cute!

I had purchased this rocket cake pan.  This was the third attempt!  I gave up on cake and instead did brownies, used fresh strawberries and raspberries as the fire and blueberries as the sky.  Sprinkle with powder sugar and it turned out fantastic!  Sometimes doing it simple is far better than making it complicated!

Rocket Fuel – Simply Lemonade!

Space Punch – Sangria for adults!

Meteorites – my dad’s homemade meatballs.

Star clusters- star shaped pasta.  I didn’t get a good photo of this one!

Moon Rocks – garlic bread.  Freshly made of course!

Cupcake time!

Family photo opportunity!

Everyone who came got a photo with the rocket ship.  There is no gravity in the rocket so you just float.

To believe this you must ignore my hands holding him up!

Me and my big boy!  One year old and all grown up!

I actually took this photo the next day.  We had take home bags for all the little kids.  A pair of rocket shades, stickers, puffy stickers and milky way candy.  Those shades are hilarious by the way!  The rocket sign and labels I made.  I just found a rocket image online for free and made labels for everything from the food to “The Black Hole” aka trash etc…

We all had space themed clothing.   A NASA tank for me, My husband had an Astronaut shirt with every mission and name of every man who ever walked on the moon and my son had two outfits (one before cake and one after cake).

This was a wonderful day.  We all had fun.  I’ll post the individual pictures of our friends in front of the rocket separately so as to not share with the entire world!  Thank you to my mom and my husband for all their help and to all our friends who came to celebrate this occasion with us.  All of you have been our support system, our local family when our family is so far.  You all have encouraged us, loved us and been the best to our son.  Year one down… let the adventure in laughter, love and joy continue!


4 thoughts on “1st Birthday – Mission: Crosby

    • No we didn’t make it. It was for a commercial shoot in LA. It didn’t last long, about 6 months because it was built for a one day shoot. But we got all we needed from it. Fantastic!

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