Whole wheat pasta and meat sauce

I teach a group of college kids who have occasionally asked me “I want to cook a meal for my boyfriend or girlfriend.  What’s easy that I won’t ruin?”  Well, this is a fail proof dish.  You seriously cannot mess this up.

First start to boil your water for your pasta.

Next, brown ground turkey in a pan.  Sprinkle a little salt, pepper to taste and a good amount of dried sweet basil and Italian seasoning.  I feel like you can’t use too much seasoning unless it is salt.  Always be cautious of too much salt when cooking, you can always add more after.  If you use ground turkey you don’t need to drain the fat, there is none!  Yay.  So just brown the meat then add a jar of your favorite pasta sauce.  In this meat sauce dish, I prefer to use Classico’s Traditional Sweet Basil.  Just add the entire jar, fill with a little water, shake it up and pour it all on top of the meat.  Stir and warm on low heat.



Meanwhile once your water is boiling, put your noodles in and cook according to the package directions.  Remember you want to bring water to a boil then add salt for flavor and a splash of olive oil to prevent sticky pasta.   Don’t overcook pasta, you actually make it less healthy and mushy if it is overcooked.  I love using whole wheat pasta, it’s healthier and the flavor of the sauce is so delicious you won’t notice that you have changed over to a healthier pasta.

To make Garlic Bread, get a loaf of bread from the bakery like French bread or a baguette.  Cut lengthwise, spread butter or buttery spread, sprinkle with minced garlic (I use dried minced garlic as I don’t want my bread to be soggy) and put it in the oven until it has the crunch you want.  About 15 minutes at 350 degrees.

Add a side salad with your favorite Italian dressing and serve up.  It’s easy, it’s healthy and incredibly flavorful.  AND this entire meal takes no more than 30 minutes.

It’s not just a pasta dish. It’s one that they will love.


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