On cold rainy days like this a good healthy stew/soup is in order.  This is a recipe adapted from my truly amazing friend Sarah Wilber.  I once went over to her place and she made “Stewp” and golly gee was it good!  So in homage of Sarah, I have learned to make my own version of “Stewp.”  Trust me, you will love it for sure!  Right Sarah?  Um… Sarah… I’m sharing your recipe that I changed a teeny tiny bit.  Okay?  Yeah…  just think about it.


These are the ingredients I used today.  Note you should use what you have in your pantry or freezer.  Fresh, frozen, canned… it doesn’t matter because it’s gonna taste so good in the end!

And chicken.  But I didn’t want to put chicken breast on my counter. Also notice how committed I am to organic.  Sometimes I am, sometimes I’m not.

Let’s get started!

Chop your onion and garlic then add it to a BIG pot with olive oil and cubed chicken breast.

Cook it up.  Add spices you have in your pantry (or should have).  I added italian seasoning, sweet basil, oregano, pepper and a tiny dash of salt.

After your chicken is browned and onions are soft add 1 small can of tomato paste, tomatoes, 2 chopped carrots, 2 chopped stalks of celery and one giant container of chicken broth, I use low sodium.  As you might have noticed, I don’t like salt… it makes me puffy.

Bring to a boil.  Meanwhile get your canned beans and corn and drain then rinse them.  This is important.  Why?  You are removing the gas bubbles!  Check it out…

Stop the farts!  Rinse the beans!

Next step is easy!  Throw the rest of the ingredients in the BIG pot.

I always cook it on the stove at low heat for an hour.  When it is done the carrots are perfect, the chicken is moist and the flavor is sublime!

My husband loves this dish with crescent rolls.  It’s perfect to dip in the juices.

Look at all those healthy veggies and beans.  You can totally make this dish without the chicken and it is just as delicious.  My husband feels like a meal isn’t a meal unless there is meat involved.  He’s cute.  He also really loves STEWP!  It’s seriously good!  Oh.  So.  Good!!!

Life is busy?  Check it out, there is tons of leftovers.  Freeze it and pull it out for lunch or dinner.  Serve up some “Stewp” when you don’t want to cook, but you want a healthy hearty meal.

Enjoy my friends.



2 chicken breasts

1 large onion


olive oil

2 carrots chopped

2 celery stalks chopped

1 small can of tomato paste

either a can of tomatoes in italian seasonings or fresh tomatoes

1 large container of low sodium chicken broth

veggies and beans of your choice – ex kidney beans, white beans, garbanzo beans, green beans & corn

Eat with crescent rolls and sprinkle parmesan cheese if you like.


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