Are we still talking about puke?

It’s been a while.  Months actually.  Funny how when I was pregnant I felt like every second was an eternity.  Now I blink and a week has flung by.  Crosby is already 4 months old.  He smiles most of the time.  He studies things with intensity.  He rolls over, but only on his terms, meaning he’s not one of those kids I can say “show off your fancy new person trick” and he will do it.  Rather he’ll do it when no one is looking or if he’s feeling like today is special (though to me everyday is special, even the crabby grumpy ones).

The best, the absolute best is when he laughs, and oh does he laugh.  A babies laughter is like the perfect drug for a parent.  Just when you might feel like “Oh my gosh this will never end!” he will laugh.  Not just laugh, belly laugh.  No matter what I say in that moment, he will laugh at it.  And in turn, I will laugh, which will make him laugh and there we go on the best journey yet.

The big markers truly come at the perfect time.  Recognizing, smiling, rolling, laughing… all those things came in the moments that we (Kurt and I) as parents needed to know we were doing something right.  Honestly, every parent (right?) wonders am I doing this right?  All the books, blogs, email notifications and groups, tell you what to expect or how to handle the next moment.  Truthfully only you know your kid.  And even though you feel like you don’t know what you are doing, instinct is powerful.  Mom and dad friends are also powerful.  I have never felt closer to my sister-in-law or my closest gal friends in my life.  I can call or email and say “help” and there is an army of loved ones to help.  Thank you friends and family.  You all are my rock.

Now that I have all that sentiment out of the way, allow me to share a little true story.

I’m back at work now.  Part time.  When I get home I am so happy to see Crosby.  I quickly wash my hands and snatch him up quick.  I need to get in as many kisses as possible.   About a week or so ago I did just this.  I had Crosby facing me on my lap as I sat on the floor.  We were smiling, laughing hard and chatting.  He loves to talk.  I make up what he is saying and respond back as if we were having a fantastic conversation about whatever that moment calls for.  When all of a sudden puke!  Curdled gross boob juice puke all over me.  Puke right through my shirt, bra, jeans and underwear.  Quickly I called for Kurt, I stripped naked as Kurt took Crosby to clean him off and I jumped right into the shower.  Gross right?  Well that’s just the beginning.  After the shower I snatch up my boy again and begin playing.  This time, on my lap “boom” the explosive poop!  Sometime babies poop so hard, so loud, so much that a diaper just can’t do the job and as a parent you know when this happens.  We jump up running to get the diaper changed before it’s too late.  Only this time, it was too late.  Poop all over my hands and arms.  I call out for Kurt, who came to my rescue again as I washed myself off in the sink.  The poop was just too much, a bath was needed for this little man.  So we wiped him down and gave him a great bath.  He loves the bath time.  When I took him out of the tub I wrapped him up in his monster towel and held him against my body to keep him warm.  When suddenly a sensation of warmth was felt from my chest to my legs and then my toes.  Yes, Crosby indeed pee’d on me.  Plop back in the whale tub, me stripped naked… again.  A puddle of pee on the kitchen floor.  Moments later Crosby is now cleaned for the second time, the floor now mopped up and me, well, I’m still naked.  Kurt goes to get some pj’s for the kiddo and I hold him close, with a diaper on, this time to keep me warm.  It’s easy to say Kurt and I are feeling a few emotions, one of which is frustration.  All of this is in a 30 minute time span, that’s counting my shower.  “Plop” what the hell!  He puked on me… again!  AGAIN!  Covered in curdled boob juice puke, dripping down my naked body, settling between my toes, puddle on the floor and I burst out laughing harder than I have ever laughed in my life.  I am laughing so hard I almost fall to the floor holding him.  The only thing that prevents this from happening is the puddle of puke below me.  Tears pouring out of my eyes, out of Kurt’s eyes.  Laughter that is so intense I cannot breathe.  Kurt say’s “Why you?”  Not a drop of bodily fluid got on Kurt, only me.  Had that last puke not happened, we might have just been frustrated with parenting on this day.  But thank God for the extra puke, because in that moment I was reminded of what unconditional love was and how every thing with a kid can be what you make of it.  Joy is all around us, even in a puke, poop, pee, puke 45 minute extravaganza.  As an improvisor and story teller I quickly thought, Crosby just took me on a perfect full circle story.  He know’s, if you start with laughter and puke, you end with puke and laughter.

And yes, I had a big glass of wine and made Kurt order out that night.

I’ll leave you with a few great photo moments with Crosby.





3 thoughts on “Are we still talking about puke?

  1. What a great post – way to bring it back into the full circle story 🙂 And hey, at least you guys got in some good nekkid time (ok, maybe not “good” per se…but nekkid time!)xoxo

  2. raylene says:

    On my first official Mother’s Day Nathan puked on me three times, no card, just puke. I knew that I had to really love that kid.

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