A nursery that makes sense to me.

I believe a baby’s room should be filled with youth, color and imagination.  I see all these gorgeous fancy baby rooms on these design shows or in other blogs that truly are fantastic, but really what baby or toddler would be moved by a neutral space?  Yes, it may be calming for the parent and have luxurious fabrics, but I’d rather stimulate my little man.  Truthfully he will likely puke or poop on that fantastic fabric and I’d rather not be angry because fabric is fabric and my son is far more important.  Imagination is critical in my daily survival, and I want my son to feel that imagination is something to be nurtured, admired and respected.  So my amazing husband and I settled on a playful pirate themed room.  No skull and crossbones, just cute kid pirates.  We painted the room Behr’s ozone blue and painted the ceiling, windows and trim a fresh white.  We decided instead of painting a mural on the walls, we’d paint on canvas.  But what to paint?  Kurt suggested an idea that I loved!  Various Islands.  Meaning I’d get my robots, dinosaurs, animals and whatever else my imagination could come up with.  My sister, a fantastic artist, came to visit for a quick weekend trip and together we sat down and each painted a picture for my boy’s room.  Her painting is beyond words.  She painted an island with a giraffe and a monkey.  I love it so much.  My painting, the dinosaur island, looks like a child did it.  I don’t care, I know I did my best and it is still colorful and playful and will lead to imagination.  Then Kurt sat down with me on a separate day and we painted more paintings.  He did an awesome robot island with the Iron Giant and Wall-e and I did an under the sea painting leading to the buried treasure.  The room has all sorts of color and pizazz!  I even love the bright red shaggy rug.  It’s not perfect, but it is perfect to us.

Thanks to my great friend Blake Gardner for the photo.  Check out his work at BlakeGardner.net


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