That Damn Glucose Test

I have to say in general things are much better for me. Oh and then the test happened.

I fasted, not a big deal.  I did wake up incredibly thirsty.  I mean beyond thirsty.  REALLY REALLY thirsty.  I brushed my teeth and went to get in the shower and I threw up, more like dry heaves.  Now it’s been a over a week and a half since this has happened.  So boo on that.  I had even told my Dr that seemed like it was no longer an issue for me.  Huh!  Me and my big mouth making assumptions.

I got to the hospital, filled out paperwork and quickly had my blood taken.  Six vials of blood because my Dr ordered more for something else.  What else?  I have no idea, a good patient would have asked.  I did not.  It was a lot of blood.  All in all it was not that bad.  Then the drink.  A super sweet syrup orange beverage, and lots of it.  I chugged the shit out of it.  The lady said I would be less likely to throw up if I drank it super fast.  I had already puked once today, I didn’t want to do it again and certainly not in the lab of the hospital.  Gulp gulp gulp, breath, gulp gulp gulp repeatedly until it was empty.  I said I’m done and she was shocked at how fast I drank it.  She hadn’t even finished the paperwork for the six vials of blood she just took out of me.
Within about 15 mins I sugar crashed.  I was dizzy and my eyes were feeling, how do I put this?  Wobbly.   It was a lot of sugar with nothing else in my body.  I managed through it and it got better rather fast.  Kurt distracted me with the card game war.  I won and he was playfully grumpy.  Poor man, he never wins playing ‘war’ against me.  Maybe once he did on a plane ride.  I don’t remember nor care, but he played silly upset about it all, which made me laugh.  Good Morning America followed by Regis and Kelly then The View played on the mini TV in the background.  An older couple in the waiting room, I remember her shoes were untied.  A little later another pregnant lady entered about to have the glucose test done too, poor woman.  This became my surroundings, my company for the next two hours.  An hour after the last gulp of the glucose beverage, I had two more vials of blood taken.  This time my arm started to hurt a bit.  I mean a needle near the last needle spot, just an hour ago, is not a delightful feeling.  I read some of my book, chatted with my Kurt and returned a phone call outside in the sun and fresh LA smoggy air.  I was feeling better.  I thought I am suck a rock star at this, oh there I go again with my assumptions (hint of whats to come).  After hour two, I had two more vials of my blood taken.  And there it was, I was finished with this test!  I really felt fine at that point with the exception of my arm now feeling the pinch of yet another needle in me.  Not that I could ever be a drug addict, but this solidified it for me.  No needle drugs ever in this mama to be.  I mean, no wonder these people always need more drugs, their arms are always hurting.

I had packed some snacks in my bag just in case.  Kurt made me eat my pretzels.  The water was so good on my throat.  Finally I quenched my thirst.  When I got home at 11am I ate leftovers from last night’s dinner for lunch.  Then felt exhausted.  I looked at Kurt and said I need a quick nap.  A quick two hour nap.  When I woke up, that’s when it hit.  I felt awful.  Completely unable to shake it.  Nausea all throughout the day and into the night.  Like I might throw up at any possible second.  I wish I just could have, I might have felt better.  I felt like I did when it was Easter or Halloween and you eat too much candy.  More candy than your parents let you but you sneaked it and gobbled it up so fast that your body starts reacting in unhappy ways.   Magnify that by 1000.  Truth is I haven’t craved sugar during this pregnancy.  I haven’t had very much of it unless it’s in fruit or pasta.  Occasionally I will have some chocolate, because it tastes so good and it is in front of me or I am at the theater and Raisonettes with popcorn is delicious.  But really no big crazy cravings for ice cream or candy.  Even the pie I wanted a few weeks ago was razzleberry sugar free pie.  That was good.  Anyway…  I had no sugar, or fruit or juice throughout the day.  I had nothing sweet at all and at midnight I still felt like a stinky pile of poop, or more politely, nauseas.

Needless to say, I don’t like the glucose test.  I get why woman who have done it give that look and apologize.  I now will do the same.

Perhaps I am a wimp.  Maybe I reacted like that because I have gestational diabetes.  But oh Lord I hope not.  Because I really do like having popcorn and Raisonettes at the movies.  Seriously people, it’s summer, it’s movie watching time.


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