It’s been 5 1/2 months now that I have been pregnant.  I have a belly.  My breasts are larger.  Food is the never winning battle.  Gender has been revealed.  Sleeping is interrupted and then I am wide awake forever.  I feel kicking from within.  My back hurts.  My skin isn’t so bad.  My baby is growing healthy.  I am happy.

Jumping to the Gender Reveal Party.  What a fun excuse to party.  It was very cool to have so many people we love around us when we found out the sex.  My mom was Skyping on my lap top and Kurt was on the phone with his dad.  Everyone else was in the dining room, gathered around the table where the cupcakes were.  Now if you hear this story from my husbands point of view it sounds totally different than from my point of view.  His version is much funnier.  This is my version of our version.

We are not ready, people are showing up.  I’m getting the snacks out, friends are helping.  Kurt is finishing prepping the outside.  He runs to take a shower.  I’m getting hugs and love from everyone.  Kurt is running around making sure things are set up, like the grill.  I’m taking photos of my friends.  Kurt is telling some kids to stop jumping on the couch with their shoes on.  I’m hungry, so I get my chicken out of the fridge and go to the grill.  The grill is covered in various meats and there is no where for my chicken.  I tell Kurt to keep an eye on the grill (he is right there) and throw on the chicken when a space opens up.  I get hungrier and hungrier.  I tell Kurt I really need to eat.  He throws the chicken on the grill.  I see Taylor, she has brought the cupcakes!  Chris Tallman asks when is the reveal gonna happen, his daughters can’t stay up too late.  The chicken is still on the grill.  He see’s Taylor and tells everyone “move to the dining room.”  I get on my computer, Skype won’t work.  Kurt is trying to ichat with his dad.  They won’t work!  He calls his dad.  Kurt get’s Chris Tallman to help me figure out that I am offline (duh).  The chicken is still on the grill.  I ask Kurt, “Where is the flip camera.”  He is running around trying to find the flip, take the chicken off the grill. My mom is on Skype.  Everyone is in the dining room.  There is a naked boy running around, with all to see.  It’s loud.  Kurt get’s someone to video.  I grab a knife and a plate.  We set up my mom.  A beer bottle falls, beer is everywhere.  Kurt is running around trying to clean it up.  Kids are wanting cupcakes.  Someone knocks over the empty water bottle.  It is comical to say the least.  Finally we cut the cupcake… it’s blue!  Everyone shouts “It’s a BOY!” and cheering breaks out.  Overwhelming love!  I show my mom the center, Kurt runs out of the room to tell his dad because it is too loud.  We party with tiny cupcakes and lots of blue and pink booze through the night.  It was fun!

I still throw up.  Damn.  I have run out of things to say about this.  It sucks.  It’s part of my pregnancy and one day after the boy is here hopefully, I say hopefully because I won’t count on it, it will end.

Do you have any recipes that don’t contain dairy, red meat or tomato/tomato sauce?  I am truly running out of things to eat.  I’m not one of those people who can eat the same thing day after day or week after week.  I need variety!  I like flavor!  HELP!

From my 8 week pregnancy Dr visit to my 21 week visit I have gained a total of 3 pounds.  I look like I have gained more.  Nobody believes me.  Well Kurt does, because he is there for every weigh in and thinks there is something wrong with me because I am not gaining more weight.  My Dr thinks I am just fine.  I think THANK GOODNESS, less weight to lose after.  Something good is coming from my dietary changes.

Another good thing I am sure that has come from my dietary changes, better skin.  Yeah you could say it’s from the pregnancy.  I say no red meat and no dairy is making my skin better.  Shall I continue after my boy arrives?  I think yes.  But then again, ice cream might make its way back into my life, it is so darn good.

I still eat chocolate.  That will not end.  Ever.  (Please God)

Last thing.  Stretch marks.  Okay ladies, what the heck!  I cocoa butter myself.  I rub twice a day.  I couldn’t possibly do it any more.  So far no stretch marks on my belly or sides.  But oh yeah, stretch marks on my boobs.  Were they really that small before?  I mean, they aren’t huge now.  They are definitely bigger.  I actually wrote “better” then erased it and wrote bigger.  Slip?  Ha ha!  For the first time ever I have bigger than a hand full of boob and they have funky purple/pinkish lines and blue veins and dark nipples.  Any boy who may have just read this blog now thinks I have nasty boobs.  They are still good fellas!  They just aren’t pasty white and tiny, they are filling with baby milk and working hard to get bigger and bigger.  All while I get stretch marks.  That’s the real price of bigger boobs!

Next time I’ll share how weird it is to feel movement in my body that isn’t gas.


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