What’s that?

Pregnancy is such an odd and interesting thing.  It feels like it is the same day after day and yet it feels like it is constantly changing.  What’s with that?

I now have what I call the easy pukes.  Happens usually if I take my prenatal the night before and once it is done, it is done.  Within 15 min’s or so I am fine and have pretty much forgotten about it.  Because of this I am taking my prenatal every other day.  And guess what!  I have spoken to other pregnant woman and they have the same issue and have stopped taking their prenatal all together.  I won’t do that, but I get why they stopped.  I’ll just reside to puking every other day if it means my baby will have a healthy brain.

There are funny amazing things happening right now.  I am sitting outside in my yard, the sky is still light but you can see a huge full moon shining bright and happily.  A hummingbird has visited the flowers and scooted off again.  Then there is the funny bird who is chirping and playing on the roof of the office.  Hopping back and forth like he wants to get the attention of a pretty little something.  Fleetwood Mac’s The Dance live album is playing in the background.  So good.  And there is the hummingbird again!  What a beautiful evening.

My good high school friend Michelle, who stood up in my wedding, who when I called to tell her I was pregnant, she got to tell me she was pregnant too!  Due roughly two weeks after me, we are on the same journey at the same time.  How beautiful is that!  Once we shared the mutual news with each other we began to write insanely funny and truthful texts back and forth to one another.  Sharing things about our pregnancy’s that our husbands could never understand because they will never be pregnant.  It’s truly a blessing!

Well, Michelle texted me on the way to work last week and said she felt her baby move, have I felt that yet?  I responded, I don’t know, maybe I am or maybe it’s just gas.  Truthfully I was beyond happy for her and completely freaked out at the same time.  Have I felt my baby move?  Is my baby even moving?  Am I that out of touch?  Is it a baby kicking me or is it gas?  My friend Desiree said “oh you’ll know.”  That freaked me out more!  I can’t tell, so it must not be.  But why can Michelle feel it and be two weeks behind me and why can’t I feel it?  Is something wrong with my baby?  To say I kinda got crazy about it is an understatement.  Michelle said, be still for a long time and it feels like someone is tickling you from the inside.  I want to be tickled from the inside!  In my regular Tashaness I think okay, let me justify this.  I move a lot.  I move all the time.  I rarely sit still.  I teach middle school kids theater.  I teach high school and college kids improv.  I perform in shows every week.  I move all the time.  That’s why.  Right?  Then it happened!  Super early on Saturday May 14th, exactly 19 weeks pregnant, I was in bed sleeping when the dogs made some noise and woke me up.   I couldn’t deny it.  It wasn’t gas because I surely didn’t fart!  It was a rolling easy kick bubbly feeling.  It was my baby saying “hello mama.”  I couldn’t have been happier.  I threw up later that morning and I really didn’t care.  I felt my baby move!  My baby moves, just like his or her mama.  It happened again today.  Now I know the difference.  It’s either that or I have a lot of gas that isn’t passing!

Speaking of his or her…  This next week Kurt and I will find out the gender of our baby!  We are excited.  I admire those who want to wait until the birth, but that isn’t me.  Our friend Katie suggested we do a gender reveal party.  What’s that, an excuse for fun, duh we are in!  Kurt loved the idea and was all about it.  Honestly it’s a great excuse to see friends that we love.  It’s a great thing to share with them.  You are invited by the way.  Well, you are if you are our friend.  The center filling of a giant cupcake will tell us, boy or girl.  Thanks to Monica’s girlfriend Tyler and her bakery connections.  Beverages that are pink or blue will allow everyone else to let us know what they thing we are having.  We love a party, and it’s the first party that celebrates the life Kurt and I are making.  Well, really I am making.  Kurt just supplied one of the ingredients.  Okay, he keeps doing awesome stuff so he’s helping too.  Man I get off tangent don’t I?

Last thing, my back hurts almost all the time, terrible pain that makes me want to cry.  The living room stinks to only me and nobody else.  Damn my acute sense of smell.  Dairy is gone and makes my life a billion times better, but honestly I miss it so much.  On the positive side I love unsweetened ice tea and watermelon.  These two things were invented by God for me for this time in my life.  Thank you God for ice tea and watermelon.  You the God!

Thanks for reading my silly little blog.


2 thoughts on “What’s that?

  1. Desiree says:

    Honey you are NOT going to explode, but yes you are going to get that “tightening” feeling & YES you will stretch more, ALOT MORE! Unbelievably I somehow managed to sleep on my stomach most of my pregnancy with Gavin, which was awesome since that’s how I sleep best! Have you gotten yourself a body pillow? Some claim that it helps keep you comfy while sleeping.

  2. I love your silly little blog! And any excuse for a giant cupcake sounds like a winner of an idea to me! Love the idea of guests drinking pink or blue based on their votes 🙂

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