My baby will love Cake.

Allow me to preface this by saying I have almost 9,000 songs in my iTunes library.  To say I love music is an understatement.  You could take the TV away, but leave the music.  Music can change my mood in an instance.  Don’t you think good music can heal or heighten any emotional  occasion?  I love my music.  For real I do.

I used to part time nanny a little girl named Emma.  Her parents were (and still are) very cool people.  Emma and I would dance in the living room together when she was very little. When she got to be a little bigger I’d take her to the park and we would play in the soft white sand, hang off the jungle gym, go higher on the swings and slide over and over again.  On both instances I’d play Cake.  Cake in the living room or Cake in the car.  Cake made her move like no other music could.  She’d laugh and wiggle and stomp her feet.  In the car she’d move her arms, her legs and her head would bop about.  It was absolutely the best.  This little girl had great taste in music, and she wasn’t even three!

Now I know that kids love songs like the “Wheels on the Bus go Round and Round.”  Not to reject the old kiddy classics, they clearly are catchy to kids.  I wonder if that’s the case because that is all some parents play?  I learned from Emma and her parents.  Emma’s mom was a musician and teacher.  She formed in that womb with a mom playing the guitar, doing gigs and in general always playing great music in the background.  Honestly any kid who can sing or move to all the songs on Fashion Nugget, Comfort Eagle, Prolonging the Magic & Motorcade of Generosity and express that much joy is truly a happy kid.  I imagine that Emma has grown to be a wicked cool person.  Based on the dancing & singing joy we shared over Cake, I know she is amazing.

Thus my point.  My baby will love Cake.  I will play as much amazing music during this pregnancy process and beyond that I can.  After all I’d much rather sit in traffic on the 101 or 405 freeways with my baby in the back listening to Cake than some kiddie pop.  I know, as soon as this kid comes along he or she will dictate the truth in this.  In a way they already have, I had tickets to see Cake in concert but the nausea and puking prevented the evening of music concert fun.  No fear though, I still played Cake and sang along just for good measure.  For now, I am staunch in believing that my kid will be hip and cool.  And my kid will absolutely love Cake, just like his or her mama.


2 thoughts on “My baby will love Cake.

  1. Shelby says:

    I thought there would be a lot more frosting in this post.

    But I agree about keeping kiddie music to a minimum. Cake is much better!

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